May 28, 2023

Prabhu Capital issues Prabhu Smart Fund from today

Prabhu Capital issues Prabhu Smart Fund from today

KATHMANDU: Prabhu Capital has issued 'Prabhu Smart Fund' from today.

At the rate of 10 rupees per unit, 80 million units of the fund worth 80 million rupees have been issued. This scheme is a closed-ended scheme. According to this plan, 35 to 90 percent of the amount collected from unit sales will be invested in shares.

Out of 80 million units, fund promoter Prabhu Bank has secured 12 million units and fund manager Prabhu Capital has secured 12 million units of 8 million units. The remaining 68 million units have been issued for the general public.
Application can be made to the fund till 7th. If the application is not received during that period, the application can be submitted till 17th March.

The fund plans to give a return of about 255 percent in a period of 10 years after investment. It said that it aims to give 25.50 percent annual average return. Application can be made through banks and financial institutions that are C-ASBA members in the fund and through my shares.