May 28, 2023

REBAN to organize one-day street festival on World Tourism Day in Pokhara

REBAN to organize one-day street festival on World Tourism Day in Pokhara

POKHARA, Sep 26: A one-day street festival will be held in Pokhara on September 27, World Tourism Day. Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN) Pokhara is going to hold a street festival on September 27th Tourism Day.

REBAN informed through a press conference in Pokhara on Sunday that Tourism Day is going to be celebrated this year with the slogan 'Rethink Tourism'.

REBAN general secretary and program coordinator Bikas Bhattarai informed that the one-day street festival which is held every year is going to be held from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the area from Fistel Gate to Barahi chowk in the Lakeside area.

According to him, the festival, which is being promoted by the Nepal Tourism Board, will feature various musical programs as well as domestic and foreign food dishes, while cultural dances with ethnic costumes, Gandharva singing, Newari Lakhe Naanch, panche baja and adventure sports and tourist attraction documentaries will be exhibited.

Bishwa Paudel, executive chairman of Rewan, said that tourism, which is the main basis of economic development, needs to be emphasized in tourism activities by connecting it with various aspects. He opined that the preservation and development of all tangible and intangible cultural heritages in the country should be linked to economic gain and the promotional role of media workers is important in this.

On the same occasion, the Secretary General of the Pokhara Tourism Council, Sanjay Kant Sigdel, informed that the Pokhara Tourism Council is also going to hold a program on 'Pokhara International Airport and World Tourism Market'. He said that in order to bring the tourism of Pokhara to the world market, 10 journalists from different cities of neighboring India are scheduled to visit the tourist destination in Pokhara and interact with the 'country managers' of the airlines that have international flights.

According now about 24 airlines are flying internationally. Representatives of 10 airlines will participate in the program. Denoting that tourism is an important contribution to the economic development of Nepal, the tourism related organizations of Pokhara have also scheduled various programs on the Tourism Day.