May 28, 2023

Minister Kirati says airport should be accessible for citizens

Minister Kirati says airport should be accessible for citizens

KATHMANDU, March 03:Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati has said that the airport is not accessible to citizens.

Addressing a joint meeting with the head of the aviation sector and officials related to the airport on Thursday, Minister Kirati said that the airport is not accessible to the general public.

He also said that the passengers will have to suffer because of the lack of cooperation expected in the situation where inter-ministries and various departments should be coordinated. Minister Kirati said that if the condition of the airport is not improved, it will be made public with evidence.

As the minister said, even lost goods are found. But everyone has to suffer. Why is the application of ordinary people not heard?' he questioned.

'Now it is necessary to end this injustice. The airport should be within the reach of common citizens,' Minister Kirati further said.

In the meeting, Minister Kirati said that counters will be added outside for passenger convenience at the airport, the problem of having to stand in line for hours to get out will be solved, arrangements will be made to assist disabled people up to the boarding point.

He said that citizens are suffering unnecessarily in the name of security and it should end. In the meeting, he said, 'There are security challenges at the airport. No compromise on safety. But passengers are being mistreated by showing security sensitivity.'

He was also instructed to investigate and resolve the server down at Tribhuvan International Airport recently.

Similarly, he said that the practice of having to pick up one's person only after the taxi enters the station should end.

Officials of the Nepal Airlines Corporation, Director General of the CAAN, Cheif of Airport and officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs participated in the meeting.