Dec 12, 2023

Cruise ship operated in Narayani River from Sunday

Cruise ship operated in Narayani River from Sunday


KATHMANDU, Jan 17: The 'Cruise Ship' built on the banks of the Narayani River has been operational from Sunday. The cruise ship, built by Rhino Water Entertainment Pvt Ltd, has come into commercial operation.

This is the first time such a cruise ship has been operated in Nepal.

Deepak Dhungel, executive director of Rhino Water Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., said that despite trying to start the cruise a few years ago, the cruise could not be operated due to the Corona epidemic. The cruise was successfully tested 2 years ago. Dhungel said that there is a plan to take the passengers on the Narayani River for an hour. It costs 700 rupees. Apart from this, various packages have also been prepared, he said.

1,500 rupees for breakfast cruising, 2,000 rupees for lunch cruising, 2,500 rupees for dinner cruising.

Inside the cruise ship, there are restaurants, an attractive stage for cultural programs, a hall that can hold meetings and seminars, and selfie points. There is a cruise ship station at Kavreghat in Bharatpur Municipal Corporation-16 Dyaneshwar Community Forest. The three-decker cruise can accommodate 180 passengers at a time.

Managing Director Ramchandra Kandel said that more than 15 million rupees were spent on the construction of this cruise ship. VIP room, selfie and movie shooting unit design has been changed and added to the cruise. He said that the cost of changing the design was 10 million and the weight was 10 tons more. Kandel said that every passenger traveling on the cruise will be insured worth Rs 10 lakh. He said that activities such as weddings, fasts, weddings, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries can be done while sitting on the cruise ship.

There is a 40 km permit in the Narayani River for cruise operations. But because the water level is very low at the moment, only a few kilometers will be run," Kandel said, 'the distance can be increased according to the flow of water.'

The cruise ship, which is being built using Norwegian technology, has been prepared by technicians from Kerala, India. Its crew will consist of 15 people.