Jul 13, 2024

Mankamana cable car being upgraded at a cost of Rs 500 million

Mankamana cable car being upgraded at a cost of Rs 500 million

KATHMANDU, July 10:Manakamana Cable Car, which has been operating from Kurintar in Chitwan to Mankamana Mandir in Gorkha for the past two and a half decades, will be converted into digital technology. Manakamana Darshan Pvt Ltd stated that the Manakamana cable car will be upgraded with current technology with a 500 million investment.

After replacing the old technology with the new technology, this service will be operated by software based on the computer system. According to the company, after the new technology is installed in Manakamana Cable Car, which is the world's number one Austria company Dopplermir, repairs can also be done online from Austria.

Nepal's first Cable Car Mankamana is also very popular. The company says that the related technology has gradually developed in accordance with the time and that even the manufacturer company will face problems in the future in providing its spare parts. The Mankamana Cable Car service is currently closed due to the commencement of repairs.

As the main motor connected to current analog technology runs on DC current, the upgraded technology will be digital and innovative. Mankamana said that it is called D-connect system of Doppler, and Mankamana darsan  has informed that it runs on digital technology and the main motor runs on AC current.

The company said, "Since the old motor, control system, and panel are all based on this system, all the main machinery has to be changed accordingly." Similarly, as the communication cable between the two stations is currently only in accordance with digital technology, it will also have to be changed, the length of which will be approximately 3200 meters.

Similarly, as the main cable (stick) is also being completed, it will also be changed during this period of suspension. Its length will be about 6500 meters. Mankamana Darshan informed that the main safety approach of cable car was to replace the grips (through which the gondola hangs on the wire) which was completed two years ago.

According to the initial estimate, because the technicians of Doppler will come and replace the equipment and the equipment, it will take 50 days. In this process, three towers will also be overhauled. Also, it is said that all the wiring will be changed and the employees will be trained about the new technology. However, the station building, tower and bull wheel and wheeler frame and gondola will remain intact. According to the company, the restaurants in the lower station will continue to operate as usual during the repair process.