Jul 13, 2024

Prabhu Bank launches Visa Business Debit Card service

Prabhu Bank launches Visa Business Debit Card service

KATHMANDU:Prabhu Bank has launched the Prabhu Business Debit Card service in collaboration with Visa International to enable electronic payments. The bank believes that the service will make international business transactions easier and more secure to pay for electronically.

The bank stated that the service was launched to give debit card-related services to account holders who open current accounts and conduct transactions.

A business debit card is intended solely for business purposes . Customers of business houses, firms, companies, corporations, schools and colleges, universities, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals can all benefit from the service.

With the help of the card, payments can be made conveniently in the areas of travel and entertainment. The card enables the business to digitize its travel and entertainment expenses. Air and bus tickets with the card can be purchased instantly online or through a POS terminal with a travel agent.

Businesses can pay for supplies and purchases directly using the card. They can directly negotiate with vendors to get better discounts.

With rapid advances in payment technology and global adoption, the Bank believes that the Business Debit Card will assist businesses in meeting their training needs by covering national and international training costs.