Jul 13, 2024

Link agricultural production with tourism: CM Pandey

Link agricultural production with tourism: CM Pandey

KASKI, June 30: Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Raj Pandey has emphasized on the need to link agricultural production with tourism. 

Chief Minister said this while inaugurating an event organized on the occasion of the 21st Paddy Day by Pokhara Tourism Council in Pokhara-23, Margi Phewaphant, on Saturday. 

Mentioning that there is a compulsion to import food items from abroad even when arable land with irrigation facilities are barren, he said the farmers should be incentivized with subsidies to cultivate crops, Pandey said. 

He further stressed the need to stop break into pieces the arable land so as to increase agro productivity. 

Minister for Health and Social Development of Gandaki Province, Bindu Kumar Thapa said linking agriculture production to tourism will bring more dividends to the farmers. 

Chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, Pomnarayan Shrestha shared that the council has been organizing paddy plantation festivals in different places of Kaski to encourage farmers. 
On the occasion, the farmers had gifted paddy and ghee to CM Pandey.