Jul 13, 2024

Kwality Ice Cream launched in Nepali market

Kwality Ice Cream launched in Nepali market

KATHMANDU:Jyoti Group (SIIPL) celebrated a significant occasion with the official launch of Kwality Ice Cream in Nepal on Wednesday.

The event brought together celebrities, influencers, SIIPL’s Chairman Saurabh Jyoti, Pure Ice Cream's Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain, Mazhar Ali, Jyoti Group’s staff, and clients from modern trade, general trade, and food service for a delightful celebration.

According to a press release from the company, Kwality Ice Cream, manufactured by Pure Ice Cream, is a prestigious brand under India's Graviss Group. As the first-ever ice cream manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region in 1977, Kwality's success extends beyond the Middle East. It now boasts over 9,000 outlets across neighbouring GCC countries, Africa, and regions like the UK and Southeast Asia, positioning Kwality for further global expansion.

Discussing the brand launch, Pure Ice Cream's Vice President, Ali, stated, “The Nepali ice cream market has witnessed a notable shift towards premium preferences among consumers, indicating a growing demand for high-quality and exclusive ice cream. With changing consumer lifestyles and a growing appreciation for high-quality products and global ice cream flavours, our brand aims to fill the market gap for consumers seeking luxurious and extraordinary ice cream options.”

SIIPL Chairman, Jyoti, expressed, "We are deeply gratified by the enthusiastic reception Kwality Ice Cream has received in Nepal. We are planning a strategic expansion to 200 locations nationwide within the next year. To further extend our reach beyond the Kathmandu Valley, we welcome investment in parlours, carts, food service, modern trade, and collaboration from businesses throughout Nepal."

According to the company, “This expansion will include the installation of attractive parlours, kiosks, and carts in main cities in Nepal, ensuring increased accessibility and convenience for ice cream enthusiasts throughout the country.”

Kwality offers a tempting selection of international flavours in sticks, cups, and tubs, featuring delights such as pistachio, fruit salad, mango, malai pista, kulfi, and cookies and cream, among many other exquisite options.