Jul 13, 2024

Swiss luxury brand Bally announces up to 40% off

Swiss luxury brand Bally announces up to 40% off

KATHMANDU:Swiss luxury brand Bally has announced attractive discounts. Bally announced a discount of up to 40%.

The Watch Gallery, located on Durbar Marg near Hotel Woodland, has been selling and distributing luxury shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and other products from the world-renowned brand Bally in Nepal for a long time.

Bally is a luxury brand founded in Switzerland in 1851.

Watch Gallery, which recently launched a new Bally collection, has announced a special discount for Nepali customers in partnership with the company.

"Due to the deteriorating economic situation of Nepal, we did not get the opportunity to provide services to many potential consumers." Pankaj Jhunjhunwala, managing director of Watch Gallery, adds, "In order for Nepali consumers to experience the quality of Bally, we have brought such a discount opportunity in collaboration with the company."

He said, "Normally, luxury brands do not offer such sales or discounts; we have tried to make it more affordable for Nepali consumers."

Bally has prioritized qualitative production. Bally products include the Reindeer boots worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa on their first ascent of Mount Everest, as well as the highly sophisticated curling shoes worn by the Swiss Olympic team.

Bally is quickly becoming the first choice of celebrities and businesses all around the world as they embrace cutting-edge technology and modernity.

It has managed to maintain its 172-year-old Bally producing legacy.