Jul 14, 2024

Raniban Retreat Resort offers "Special Monsoon Marvel Package"

Raniban Retreat Resort offers "Special Monsoon Marvel Package"

KATHMANDU:Raniban Retreat Resort has introduced a 'Special Monsoon Marvel Package' for tourists. The Pokhara-based resort has released a package that includes a minimum 25% to 50% discount on its services.

The resort's director, Ashok Shrestha, stated that the (B&B) 'Bed and Breakfast' plan has been introduced, along with eight premium rooms and an infinity swimming pool.

As a nature-based facility, retreat is our primary goal. "We have now opened the swimming pool," Director Shrestha remarked. "People visit less during the monsoon season. At this moment, we have prepared a package for the retreat's connoisseurs.

The resort has preserved the package's initial price at Rs 6,000, with a 50% discount available Monday through Friday. The starting price for this package from Friday to Sunday is Rs 9,000. According to this, the resort would provide special complimentary refreshments to guests on their first day.

The resort provides a 15% discount on food and 10% on beverages. The resort now has fourteen rooms. The resort is presently preparing to open an Ayurvedic spa, yoga studio, and conference center.