Jul 13, 2024

Mundum Trail Visit Year 2025 to be marked

Mundum Trail Visit Year 2025 to be marked

KATHMANDU, June 20:The year 2025 will be marked as the Mundum Trail Visit Year in order to promote Mundum Trail, an Eastern tourist destination. The Nepal Tourism Board launched the Mundum Trail Visit Year during an event on Monday.

The Mundum trail passes through tourist destinations such as Bhojpur, Khotang, Solukhumbu, Sankhuwasabha, and others. This trail is referred to be an easy trail. The organizers intend to hold festivals such as Gothaste, Suntala, Dhami, Sakela Ubhauli, and Udhauli, as well as Rudraksha, as primary attractions during the tour year, attracting over one lakh people.

Former Minister of Tourism Sudan Kiranti stated during the program that the Mundum Trail is a unique cultural route and that tourism should be developed in such a way that its natural form is preserved.

He stated that Nepalese tourism is defined by Raithane and its original culture, and that promoting Mundhum will benefit overall tourism.

Former Minister Shankar Sharma stated that the Mundum Trail is a fresh and unique tourist attraction, and its development will bring a new dimension to Eastern tourism.

Hikmat Singh Ayer, senior director of the tourism board, stated that the tourism board works regularly to promote tourist destinations and that the board will continue to collaborate in the promotion of the Mundum trail.

Nilhari Bastola, president of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), the umbrella organization for mountain tourism professionals, stated that it will be difficult to promote the trail until the local level takes ownership, emphasizing that the local level should be in charge of its protection and promotion.

Ramesh Kumar Rai, President of the Maiyung Temke Salpa Silichung Tourism Promotion Centre, said that the year 2025 will be designated as the Mundum Trail Visit Year.

Singer Rajeshpayal Rai, artist Dayahang Rai, ultra runner Meera Rai, world cyclist Pushkar Shah, and mountain guide and mountaineer Pemba Wangchu Sherpa were announced as tourism ambassadors at the event.

Chakhewa Hill, Temke Hill, Temke Temple, Haasapokhari, and Salpasilichung are the primary tourist attractions along the Mundhum path. The walk begins at Temke Hill (3,165 meters), on the border of Bhojpur and Khotang, and concludes at Salpa Pond via Mayung Hill and Silichung Hill. The Mundhum trekking path is around 80 km.

The Mundhum hiking route in the border areas of Khotang, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu, and Sankhuwasabha was also named one of Nepal's top 100 must-visit tourist attractions by the Nepal government in 2075. Since then, along with the discussion of the Temkemaiung Salpasilichung series, efforts have been made to make this trekking route an excellent tourist destination.