Jul 13, 2024

Bandipur: Bewitching Beauty in Nepal's foothills

Bandipur: Bewitching Beauty in Nepal's foothills

The queen of the hills is a name worthy of being bestowed upon the hilltop settlement of Bandipur. It offers a well-preserved experience of Nepal's rich hill culture. This charming Newari town invites travelers to explore its stunning mountain views, captivating hiking trails, and vibrant cultural heritage.

Bandipur retains its age-old character with traditional temples, shrines, sacred caves, and numerous festivals. The town boasts captivating Newari architecture, evident in the red-brick houses and intricate wood carvings. The street cobblestones offer an authentic path that leads visitors to a journey of self-discovery and natural beauty. The authentic Newari cooking style, completed with cook-along courses and fresh ingredients provides mouth-watering dishes that energize all guests. 

The surrounding hills are also perfect for hiking. There are lush forests filled with chattering animals and birds that lead spiraling paths up towering hills. The hilltops offer their charm with the sunrise and sunset filling visitors' hearts with joy, while the pollution-free night sky lights up with stars at night. 

For a deeper cultural experience, consider venturing beyond Bandipur. Hike to the nearby village of Ramkot, known for its traditional Magar architecture and roundhouses with thatched roofs.  Similarly, Dharampani offers authentic Gurung-style homestays, hospitality, and hearty meals. They are the hidden treasures of Bandipur, offering unique cultural experiences. 

The Mahadev Temple and the two-tiered Dhungedhara Mai Temple are prime examples of the spiritual significance of Bandipur. You can also hike to Thani Mai Temple, which offers panoramic views of the city and the majestic Annapurna range. Siddha Gufa, Asia's second-largest cave and Nepal's largest is also a unique religious experience. 

There are endless memories to be made! Admire the Martyrs Memorial Park, enjoy horseriding with a stunning Himalayan backdrop in Tundikhel, or learn the mysteries of sericulture in the silkworm farm, the choices are endless. 

Lying as a connecting hub, the nearest airport is located in Pokhara, approximately 76.5 kilometers away. A comfortable bus ride of around two hours and ten minutes connects Pokhara to Bandipur. Accommodation options range from tourist-standard hotels to cozy inns and homestays, catering to a variety of budgets.