Jun 20, 2024

Govt allocates Rs 11.91 Billion for Tourism Sector

Govt allocates Rs 11.91 Billion for Tourism Sector

KATHMANDU, May 29:Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun presented the annual budget for the coming fiscal year 2081/82 at a joint meeting of both houses of the Federal Parliament, stating that 11.91 billion rupees have been allocated for the operation of programs under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.

In which he stated that 3.77 billion rupees have been given for the development of the air industry and 5.46 billion rupees for the development of tourism infrastructure.

In which he mentioned that funds had been provided for the development and upgrade of domestic airports throughout the country.

The construction framework for the Nijgadh airport will be completed, while the Bharatpur airport will allocated  360 million rupees. Air sports will be done at the closed airport.

He stated that the budget has been allotted with the purpose of bringing in 1.6 million tourists over the coming fiscal year.

A total of Rs 5.46 billion has been granted to religious tourism, transportation and infrastructure, religious circuit development and expansion, and tourism development in seven provinces.