Jul 13, 2024

Tourism promotion of Nepal in Canada

Tourism promotion of Nepal in Canada

KATHMANDU, May 25:As part of the economic diplomacy effort, a tourism promotion program was organized in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

The program, organized by the Nepali Embassy in Ottawa, was attended by Shane Getson, Chief Advisor of the Provincial Government of Alberta and Secretary of the Parliamentary Office on Economic Development, as well as the Mayor of Edmonton, a travel management company, a journalist, a tourism-focused blogger, and officials from the Non-Resident Nepali Association.

On that occasion, the Nepali ambassador to Canada, Bharatraj Paudyal, invited him to visit Nepal once, stating that the country of Nepali people who enjoy art, culture, tradition, lifestyle, natural beauty, biological diversity, vast snow chains, and always welcoming visitors is a center of attraction for all age groups, according to the Nepali Embassy in Ottawa. 

Ambassador Paudyal emphasized that officials from non-resident associations and other Nepali citizens should encourage their friends to visit Nepal at least once, and he asked journalists and travel management tourism specialists to bring their clients there. 

The Chief Whip of the Provincial Government of Alberta thanked the Nepalese Embassy for hosting the event in his province and stated that there is great potential for tourism cooperation between Edmonton and Nepal. He asked the program's participants to visit Nepal. 

The show featured a video presentation of Nepal's major tourist destinations, as well as Nepali items such as tea, coffee, pashmina shawls, and handicrafts. A group of Nepalese artists offered a variety of cultural programs.