Jun 20, 2024

Pepper on the top of world’s fifth highest Mount Makalu

Pepper on the top of world’s fifth highest Mount Makalu

KATHMANDU, May 24: Australian mountaineer Allie Pepper reached on the top of world’s fifth highest mountain Makalu without supplemental oxygen at 3pm.

On her mission, ‘’The Respect Above the Clouds 14 Peaks No O2,” Allie successed to climb mount Makalu now, has 10 out of 14 eight thousand metre peaks to climb within 2 years, making her the first Female to achieve this from Australia. 

“Summit hardest summit of my life and not easy to come down. So epic so exhausted so exposed  Made summit around 3 heading down now so tired”, Allie shared from just below the summit. 

At camp-3 we had extremely high winds which made the night very challenging. The tent barely survived, it was beyond epic the boys mikel and Ngima tried hard and secure it, She added.

Before mount Makalu Pepper, successfully reached to the top of the 10th highest mountain in world mount Annapurna-I without using supplemental oxygen together with her climbing partners Mikel Sherpa and Ngima sherpa on April 14.

Deciding against heading up to Camp 4 the team decided, given the favourable weather forecast, to head for the summit from Camp 3. This begun at approximately 8pm Nepal Time. 

An extremely long day in the office for Allie, Mikel and Nima. 

“With success of Mount Makalu Allie needs 10 more eight thousand metre peaks to achieve her dream. With her hard work, dedication Allie completed 2 eight thousand metre peaks in certain amazing a time. So me and Nima we will support her to achieve her dream,” Mikel shared.

With success of Mount Makalu now Pepper has locked her sights on third-highest mountain in the world Mount Kanchenjunga.

With 10 more eight -thousanders yet to climb to complete Pepper dream of climbing all 14 eight-thousanders peaks without supplemental oxygen by 2025, after Kanchenjunga she will be heading to Australia for three and half weeks with Mikel. 

Pepper will go for Pakistan to climb eight-thousanders, she already climbed mount Board peak in Pakistan. Pepper began her project from July 2023 by climbing Broad peak in Pakistan and later Mt Manaslu in September 2023.

As Allie Pepper embarks on her quest to conquer the highest peaks on Earth, her journey symbolizes the triumph of human spirit over adversity. With each summit, she reaffirms her commitment to excellence and inspires countless women and individuals to climb their own mountains in life.