Jul 13, 2024

Actor and model Chhiring Sherpa successfully summits Mt Everest

Actor and model Chhiring Sherpa successfully summits Mt Everest

KATHMANDU, May 23: Actor and model Chhiring Sherpa has successfully climbed Sagarmatha (Mt Everest). She reached atop the world's tallest peak on Sunday and unfurled the first poster of his upcoming movie 'Tashi Delek' and also the flags of various organizations on the summit. 

Following her ascent of Sagarmatha, Sherpa underscored the importance of raising voice at the national and international level for mitigating the impact of climate change in the mountain region. Informing about his climbing success via social media, she stressed investing some portion of the revenue received from the mountaineers for the development of the mountainous region.

In her message on social media, Chhiring also called for creating an environment where the Sherpa community can connect itself to every state apparatus, rather than merely taking them as the mountaineers.

She urged the state to attach special priority to the geographically remote mountainous region and make plans for its development. Chhiring also called for putting in place a mechanism wherein the climbers have instant access to information.

She also underlined the need for managing the challenges and problem of 'too many climbers on Everest', as well as of making the climbing profession 'decent'.