Jun 20, 2024

Ubhauli festival being observed

Ubhauli festival being observed

KATHMANDU, May 23:The Ubhauli festival is being celebrated especially by the Kirant Rai community across the country.

During the festival, there is a tradition of worshiping nature before planting the crops to ensure that the land gives good output. Chandi dance is also performed on the occasion of this festival. 

Sakela dance is also performed among different sects of the Kirant community. 

Meanwhile in Kathmandu, the Kirant Rai Yayokkha is hosting a special event including prayers and worshipping Sakelasthan in Hattiban of Lalitpur. 

However, the people of Ainselukharka Rural Municipality of Khotang celebrate this festival after 22nd of the month of Jetha (first week of June) in the Lunar calendar.