May 27, 2024

Agreement between four municipalities and the NRNA to promote tourism in Lumbini

Agreement between four municipalities and the NRNA to promote tourism in Lumbini

KATHMANDU, April 04:The Non-Residential Nepal Association (NRNA) reached an agreement with four municipalities to promote and development tourism in the Lumbini region. On  March 27th an agreement was signed with Devdah, Ramgram, Kapilvastu, and Lumbini municipalities under Lumbini province for the promotion and development of tourism in the Lumbini area at the NRNA's office in Baluwatar.

President Badri KC signed the agreement on behalf of the non-residential Nepal organization, as did the mayors of all four municipalities. At the event, the president of the NRNA, KC, said that 7 million Nepalis who have reached 110 countries are working as ambassadors to make Nepal known. He stated that the 7 million Nepalese living overseas are working to make Nepal a rich country by addressing the opportunities for art, culture, and tourism within Nepal.

According to KC, tourism is the sector that may attain success in a short period of time with the least investment in Nepal, hence emphasis should be placed on publicity. He stated, "Nepal is the wealthiest country in the world by nature. Nepali culture and nature can be promoted and sold over the world. He said that Nepal will only flourish if its nature and culture can be offered to foreign tourists.

He stated that if the history of Lumbini's Buddha Circuit can be taught, tourists will be able to visit all four municipalities for a week. He said that the tourism industry could not benefit from the failure of the government and the local level to develop tourist destinations. He went on to say, "7 million Nepalis must preach that it is the country of Gautama Buddha."