May 29, 2024

19th Fewa New Year' festival in Pokhara from April 11

19th Fewa New Year' festival in Pokhara from April 11

KATHMANDU, April 03:Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal announces the Pokhara Fewa Festival 2024, from April 11 to 13, to celebrate the Nepali New Year and Pokhara's designation as the tourism capital. The event features three grand stages showcasing cultural performances, pop shows and culinary delights.

With a theme of “Tourism, Culture, and Food," the festival aims to attract both local and international visitors by providing entertainment to the guests and also offering offers such as 20% discounts on associate hotels, and other discounts on tourism-based businesses. 

Binayak Shah, President of the Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) and the chief guest at the event, emphasized the significance of the Fewa Festival as a key attraction for visitors to Pokhara. Shah stated that events like the Fewa Festiva serve as a testament to the efforts of the private sector in promoting tourism. With the private sector remaining ever vigilant, he requests the government follow suit and solve the infrastructure issues like the road condition causing delays and Nepal’s inclusion on the EU ban list. 

Shah also mentioned plans to launch the 'Garmi se Behaal, Chalo Nepal' campaign for summer 2024 to create an inviting environment for Indian tourists. He emphasized the need to tap into Nepal's potential to accommodate more tourists, as current visitor numbers are below the country's capacity. 

Laxman Subedi, Chairman of the HAP, highlighted the importance of celebrating the Nepali New Year with the same excitement as the Gregorian New Year. He announced the Pokhara Fewa Festival 2024, covering a 3.5-kilometer radius, with traffic being blocked to accommodate it. Subedi noted that the festival, in its 19th edition after starting 21 years ago, has significantly boosted tourism in Pokhara, drawing thousands of tourists annually. 

He mentioned Pokhara's 1200 hotels, providing 40,000 beds and employing 15,000 individuals in the hospitality sector, with 425 hotels affiliated with HAP. Subedi also highlighted various promotional initiatives, including rallies, 

Sajan Shakya, Secretary General of HAN, urged for swift reconstruction and improvement of roads and highways to enhance tourism accessibility. He emphasized the need to address flight connectivity issues, particularly with Pokhara's airport and road infrastructure. Shakya highlighted the potential to attract tourists from Ayodhya, India, aiming for 5–10% of the two hundred thousand daily visitors. He emphasized the goal of extending tourists' stays and the need for intensive tourism promotion efforts, with the Fewa Festival playing a crucial role in this strategy.

Bharatraj Parajuli, a member of the HAN and former HAP president, highlighted tourism's economic importance and called for its recognition. He stressed preserving traditions while enhancing tourist experiences. Parajuli emphasized creating memorable visits to encourage return trips and positive word-of-mouth. He noted Indian tourists' interest in street festivals and invited all to visit Pokhara. Parajuli also thanked the airport hotel for hosting the event, underscoring industry collaboration.

The Q&A session also addressed some specific details, such as an expected attendance of around 3 hundred thousand visitors, new features such as multiple stages and free admission, and efforts to address infrastructure challenges. There was emphasis on attracting Indian tourists, with plans for collaborative campaigns like the 'Garmi se Behaal, Chalo Nepal' initiative. Additionally, participants stressed the importance of extending tourists' stays and enhancing their experiences to promote repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth promotion.