May 29, 2024

Antu Tourism Festival in Ilam

Antu Tourism Festival in Ilam

KATHMANDU, April 03:A tourism festival will be conducted at Sri Antu, Suryodaya Municipality-4, Ilam, to promote local products and culture.

The 'Antu Tourism Festival-2081' will take place from the 28th of Chaitra to the 1st of Baisakh to on the occasion the New Year. According to the organizers, the festival will feature performances by Yama Baral, Bhupendra Rai, Pujan Pradhan, Ganesh Parajuli, Yashoda Parajuli, Phuti Sherpa, Ravi Rimal, and other musicians.

According to Durga Kumar Baral, deputy head and coordinator of the festival's primary organizing committee, there will also be a message awareness program on drug regulation, control, and management, as well as alcohol and tobacco goods. Milan Bhattarai, the municipality's top administrative officer, said that the 'Grand Finale of the Second Suryodaya Idol' will take place during the event.

Bhattarai stated that on Chaitra 28, a major city cleaning program will take place, and Antu will be beautified and promoted as a tourist attraction. On the first day of the new year, the organizers are preparing to inaugurate the program by giving tourists a view of the sunrise and exchanging greetings.

Organizers anticipate that the festival will cost Rs 10 lakh to organize. Khyam Bahadur Bhujel, the municipality's spokesperson, stated that approximately 10,000 tourists are expected to attend the festival. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are more tourists in Antu than on other days.