Jul 14, 2024

19th Fewa New Year Festival is expected to attract three lakh visitors

Preparations for 19th Fewa New Year Festival in full swing

19th Fewa New Year Festival is expected to attract three lakh visitors

POKHARA, April 02:The 19th Fewa New Year Festival, held in Pokhara from April 11th to April 13th (29th of Chaitra to 1st of Baisakh), is expected to attract approximately 300,000 tourists and locals.

Laxman Subedi, president of the association and festival coordinator, stated at the press conference that preparations have been intensified to make the festival grand, which will be organized by Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal from Damside Chowk to Khare Chowk, with a focus on tourism, culture, and food.

According to Coordinator Subedi, the festival, which aims to preserve Nepali original culture and restore the tourism sector, which has been severely impacted by Covid-19, will include cultural tableaux, panchai baja, dohori, dance programs, concerts, and tourist races.

He further stated that hotels affiliated with the organization will offer guests discounts of up to 20% in honor of Pokhara's designation as the tourist capital and to celebrate the new year. Subedi stated that other businessmen also offer significant discounts on their services.

President Subedi stated that there are 40,000 beds in 1,200 hotels in and around Pokhara, 447 hotels affiliated with the hotel association, 700 hotels in lakeside and damside locations, and 15,000 people employed in Pokhara's tourism industry. He further stated that hotels in Pokhara have an occupancy rate of 50 to 60 percent.

Bharatraj Parajuli, a central member of the Hotel Association Nepal, stated that the number of tourists and visitors attending the event has gradually increased since the association began arranging it on the streets rather than in certain locations.

Pomnarayan Shrestha, chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, stated that the number of visitors visiting Pokhara for the Nepali New Year has increased in recent years, as has the number of Indian tourists.

According to Nabin Pokharel, Acting Head of Nepal Tourism Board Gandaki Provincial Office, the hotel association did an excellent job amid the Maoist conflict by organizing this festival.

Former President Bikal Tulachan stated that the event, which had been postponed for two years owing to COVID-19, is set to be completed grandly this year. 

The Nepal Tourism Board and the Pokhara Metropolitan City have both promoted the festival. The Government of Gandaki Provincia, ​​​ Pokhara Tourism Council, and Hotel Association Nepal will all support the festival.

Gorkha Brewery is the main sponsor of the 19th Fewa New Year Festival.

The press conference was moderated by the association's general secretary, Rajendra Dhakal.