May 29, 2024

Policy enhancements will be implemented to make Nepal a tourist destination

Policy enhancements will be implemented to make Nepal a tourist destination

KATHMANDU, March 29:Rajkishore Yadav, Chairman of Parliament's International Relations and tourism Committee, has stated that the responsible authorities should have the same views on growing Nepal's tourism and air transportation sectors.

Chairman Yadav stated Thursday at a meeting between the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) and the Committee in Singhdarbar that the Federation has raised a genuine issue for tourism development and that a blueprint will be prepared after consultation with the Ministry, Department, and Secretary.

The FNCCI's Tourism and Air Transport Committee has given seven ideas to the Parliament Committee to help the economy grow by bringing in foreign currency while also increasing tourism in the country.

The FNCCI should, in particular, establish a task force for the sustainable development of tourism, increase the cash limit that Indian tourists can bring to Nepal, eliminate the luxury tax on star hotels, eliminate the value-added tax on air purchases, amend the royalty provisions in the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, and prioritize hotels nationally. The committee has made demands, such as classification within the received industries.

Chairman Yadav confirmed his assurance that the federation's demands are in the best interests of the country and that he will promptly review the subject with the relevant agencies and resolve it. Yadav stated that the committee will submit a draft that addressed the key problems raised throughout the session.

During the discussion, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, president of the FNCCI, stated that the government should actively address the tourism industry's difficulties and find effective solutions. He stated that development and innovation in this area should be encouraged, and emphasized the need to alter the regulatory guidelines properly.

Similarly, Deshbandhu (Ajit) Basnet, Chairman of the Federation's Tourism and Air Transport Committee, suggested that the government eliminate the 13 percent VAT on airline tickets and the luxury tax on hotels. "We need to develop Nepal as a destination for foreign tourists by spreading positive publicity," he pointed out, "but the policy adopted by the government has prevented foreigners from visiting Nepal." stated

Basnet proposed modifications to essential laws such as the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act of 2075 (FITA), the Special Economic Zones Act, and the Electronic Transactions Act, and urged Nepal to become the primary investment destination for foreign investors.

Strategic operations of major infrastructure projects such as Pokhara International Airport and Bhairahawa's Gautam Buddha International Airport were also discussed during the event.

During the discussion, MP Pashupatishamsher JB Rana stated that the country should be transformed into a popular tourism destination. Former Prime Minister and Samajwadi Party President Madhav Kumar Nepal, as well as MPs Bhim Acharya, Davi Prakash Bhattachan, Prem Suwal, Prakashman Singh, Shishir Khanal, Mahant Thakur, Prabhu Sah, Uday Shamsher JB Rana, and others, spoke throughout the discussion.