May 29, 2024

Prabhu Bank conducted financial literacy programs to all provinces

Prabhu Bank conducted financial literacy programs to all provinces

KATHMANDU:Prabhu Bank Limited has organized financial awareness programs at various locations in celebration of Global Money Week 2024. From March 18 to 24, the bank conducted a various of programs under the slogan 'Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future'.

The bank has conducted financial literacy, cycling rallies, awareness programs for children and youth, and Prabhatferi at various locations through its numerous branches to ensure the success of the week-long campaign.

The bank has conducted a financial literacy program in various communities, women and children, schools and colleges, covering topics such as modern banking (only conduct financial transactions through banks and financial institutions), savings, loans, investments, electronic banking services, and safety precautions.

The bank has also raised awareness about this issue through its own social media channels. According to the bank, it has been sending numerous messages warning customers not to open links from unfamiliar sources, not to give personal information, and to avoid digital fraud.

Prabhu Bank serves over 3.1 million customers with its 312 branch offices, 310 ATMs, and 71 extension counters around the country.