May 29, 2024

Air Astra plans to fly Bangladesh to Pokhara

Air Astra plans to fly Bangladesh to Pokhara

KATHMANDU, March 29:Bangladeshi airline company Air Astra has progressed the approval process, showing its desire to conduct Dhaka-Pokhara-Dhaka flights 

Air Astra, a Bangladeshi private investment airline, has requested approval from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to operate direct flights from Bangladesh to Pokhara.

Air Astra has also requested special concessions on government costs, including VAT, for Pokhara flights. CAAN spokesperson Jagannath Niraula stated that Air Astra has expressed interest in Pokhara flights and is working on obtaining approval.

Air Astra has stated that it is now studying several possibilities for the Dhaka-Pokhara-Dhaka and Dhaka-Kathmandu-Dhaka routes.

Air Astra, which plays a vital role in linking Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, with various regions, has expressed a desire to fly to the newly built Pokhara International Airport by launching international flights. According to Air Astra, this will help increase tourism in both Nepal and Bangladesh.

Except for a few chartered flights, Pokhara International Airport, which opened on January 1, 2023, has yet to see regular international flights. Pokhara's tourism merchants are also disappointed by the lack of commercial foreign flights.