May 27, 2024

Radisson, a five-star hotel under construction in Biratnagar, will open in 2025

Radisson, a five-star hotel under construction in Biratnagar, will open in 2025

BIRATNAGAR, March 29:Century Business Group's five-star Radisson hotel in Biratnagar is scheduled to open in March 2025. Although it was supposed to go into operation in 2024, it was delayed by one year due to the economic downturn. Moti Lal Dugar, the group's chairman, stated that the hotel is currently unable to operate due to the financial crisis.

He stated that due to the country's continuous economic recession, it is currently impossible to operate a hotel, thus preparations have begun with the expectation that the situation will improve after a year. He stated that tourist visits have recently increased and that it will be functioning from March to April 2025. Dugar, a former Minister of State for Industry, signed an agreement for Radisson's construction  in August 2022. At the time of the agreement, it was announced that it would be operational after 18 months.  Along with this, there will be two Radisson chain hotels in Nepal.  The hotel, which is being built for 3 billion rupees along with the mall, will have a casino, cinema hall, swimming pool, shopping mall, water park, evening market, etc.

The hotel in Biratnagar will contain 125 rooms. It is said that the hotel would be fully outfitted. The group states that there will be 100 stores, a meeting hall, and Nepal's largest banquet hall of 10,000 square feet. It is believed that the hotel, which is being built in an area of 2 bighas, will become a big means of introducing Nepali products. After the hotel is operational, it is believed that it will be very convenient for big weddings and big functions in that area.

Recently, several businesspeople from that area have traveled to various locations in India to marry. President Dugar argues that now that the Radisson Hotel is operational, there is no need to travel to other countries, particularly India, in quest of high-quality hotels. 

This company previously operated the four-star hotel Harrison in Biratnagar. The Radisson Hotel will be Biratnagar's first five-star hotel. Century Group of Companies is well-known for trading spices in Nepal.