Jun 20, 2024

Fagu Festive Offer at Airport Hotel

Fagu Festive Offer at Airport Hotel

KATHMANDU:Starting on Friday, the Airport Hotel will be offering the Fagu Festive Offer. According to Binayak Shah, the hotel's managing director, this offer was made in honor of Fagu Purnima.

Additionally, he stated that the hotel is offering festive and timely packages because it is promoting Nepali Raithane cuisine.

This year, the hotel has introduced Govinder Singh KC Biryani in addition to the Fagu festive offer.

Shah added that he started the biryani as a sign of respect and deference to the  chef, KC.

Fried fish, fried chicken, paneer, chips, and potato pudina are among the menu items offered as snacks. The hotel offers Garden Salad, Rizzy Rizzy Salad, cabbage Sandheko, and Slim & Trim salads, 

This menu's soup has millet bread, phapar sticks, and Khasi Suruva Jhol.

Mutton biryani, soft gram soup, fried fish, saag jhaneko, tamako vegetables, Kalo Daal, plain rice, Jimmu jhaneko, cabbage matar masala, and phulka roti make up the main course.

In the menu of this package kept by the hotel, it is mentioned in the package menu of Rs.2000.