Jul 15, 2024

Discover Dharampani, Bandipur's Authentic Gurung Experience

Discover Dharampani, Bandipur's Authentic Gurung Experience

The queen of the hills, Bandipur, welcomes visitors in a warm embrace of scenic views and traditional Newari streets. The true charm of Bandipur is incomplete without a visit to Dharampani, an ethnic Gurung settlement. Cutting through the mystical fog, a journey of 3 hours seems to pass in an instant amidst the enchanted natural beauty.

The welcoming smiles and blessings of the villagers cure the weary bodies of travellers. The name Dharampani was given when the villagers gave water to a passing king, showing their virtue, which is still retained. The streets provide a rustic, cultural experience surrounded by peaceful activities by the villagers. They are adorned with a beautiful view of the mountains, surrounded by rivers and lush forests.

The homestays are the major attraction of the village. Live alongside welcoming families who share their culture, wisdom, and tradition. Unwind in cozy rooms built with love by the entire community. The clean, quaint, and tranquil rooms are a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The fresh cultural food of the village also makes for a hearty and healthy meal. Hike hidden trails, learn ancient crafts, and connect with nature's beauty. Local traditional songs, dances, and festivity enrich your secluded stay.

Photo By: AP Tolang