Jun 20, 2024

National Life enters its 37th year

National Life enters its 37th year

KATHMANDU:The National Life Insurance Company has entered its 37th year. The company celebrated its 37th anniversary with various kinds of events. 

A feeding program has also been conducted in 53 children's and elderly ashrams across the country. According to the company, white sticks were supplied to 123 blind people with the assistance of Disability Protection Nepal.

The company  claimed to have made good commercial development during the current fiscal year. This company, with a 55:45 ratio between the founder group and the general public, completed the general meeting by passing 8% bonus shares and 6.5 percent cash dividend to shareholders from the profit of the fiscal year 2078/079, as well as an additional cash dividend for tax purposes on the bonus shares.

The company states that the life insurance fund has accumulated a total of 71 billion. After distributing bonus shares in the fiscal year 2078/079, the company's paid-up capital is 5 billion 1 million rupees. The comapny has been offering exceptional incentive rates to policyholders. According to the actuarial review for FY 2078/079 , the insured received between Rs. 63 and Rs. 85 per thousand.

More than one lakh agents operate with the company. The company has collected 102 billion 30 million insurance fee income till the end of January, issued a total of 45 million 56 thousand insurance policies, and paid insurance claims totaling 37 billion 49 million