May 24, 2024

Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life concluded its agents interaction program

Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life concluded its agents interaction program

KATHMANDU:Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Limited concluded an interaction program for top agents in the Kathmandu Valley. The program on Wednesday featured a substantial presence of senior agents from the valley.

The program was inaugurated by Santosh Prasai, the company's CEO. Addressing the program, Prasai stated that the company organizes such programs to maintain mutual support, cooperation, and harmony among stakeholders. He shared his conviction that this type of interaction program will provide energy for the agents to work.

Son Bahadur Magar, Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life's Deputy General Manager, delivered an intriguing and motivating lecture about his insurance sales and business expertise.

Agents who excelled in several areas were recognized during a program hosted by agency department director Prabhat Siwakoti. Pawan Kumar Shahi, an agency manager at the Patan branch, received the scooter after winning it in a lucky draw under the agent system.