Jun 20, 2024

Preparing for elephant and jeep safari in Jankauli Intermediate Community Forest in Sauraha

Preparing for elephant and jeep safari in Jankauli Intermediate Community Forest in Sauraha

CHITWAN, Feb 02:The Jankauli Buffer Zone Community Forest in Sauraha is small in size, yet it has huge tourism potential. Ratnanagar Municipality 5 and 6 have 1,684 household consumers of this forest. Preparations are being made for elephant and jeep safaris in this 104-hectare jungle.

According to Jogendra Mahato, head of the Jankauli Community Forest, clearance has been obtained for elephant and jeep safaris. "We are preparing to conduct elephant safari and jungle safari on the occasion of Valentine's Day" on February 14, he added. Animals such as wild elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, bears, gharials, and crocodiles can be seen in this community forest in a small area.

Conservation entails both opportunities and threats. The services supplied to consumers are insufficient. "We've put more emphasis on conservation," he explained. You may enjoy canoeing, jungle walking, and birdwatching. He stated that there are plans to further arrange the forest in the future.

During the season, approximately 1,000 tourists arrive here each month. The months of Kartik to Falgun are considered the peak tourist arrival period. He stated that the number of tourists arriving this year has increased due to the coronavirus outbreak. Previously, VIP travelers would visit here.

Boats are transported into the forest's river four times each morning and evening. Nepali tourists must pay 350 rupees, but foreign tourists must pay 450 rupees when traveling by boat. Tourists must also pay an additional fee to visit Chitwan National Park.

Gaida Wildlife Camp opened in this community forest in 2030. Now, the camp's structures are collapsing. The camp has been closed since 2066 due to the legal rule that no physical structure can be established within the forest. The former royal family used to stay at this camp and roam the forest.

According to Prakash Dhungana, Chairman of Chitwan National Park's Central Area Management Committee, tourism in Jankauli has recently grown significantly. He said that more Magar communities are living near Jankauli, and preparations are being made to show tourists their culture including homestays. "Since permission was recently granted for elephant safari and jungle safari, it is now believed that tourism in this area will help in economic development," he went on to say.