Apr 20, 2024

Global IME Bank conducts free health camps in Koshi province

Global IME Bank conducts free health camps in Koshi province

KATHMANDU:Global IME Bank conducted a free health camp in the Koshi province.

In celebration of the bank's 17th anniversary, a free health camp was held in Koshi province as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The bank directly benefited local women by conducting health checks on over 160 women at the Malate basic health post in Ward No. 4, Ilam Municipality, Ilam District on Saturday,

Gynecologists give a variety of gynecological procedures for free during the camp, which was organized in partnership with the Nepal Family Planning Association.

Each camp has discovered early cervical cancer signs as well as severe cervical cancer patients who would be treated surgically during the Swasth Nari Initiative's second phase.

In addition, as part of the 17th annual celebration, Global IME Bank held free health camps in all provinces, providing health check-ups to over 1,250 women.

The bank is the country's first private sector bank, having branches in 77 districts, and it is the largest commercial bank by financial indicators. 

The bank offers financial services through over 1100 service locations across all 77 districts of the country, as well as three international contact/foreign representative offices.