Jun 20, 2024

28th AGM of NMB Bank concludes

28th AGM of NMB Bank concludes

KATHMANDU:The 28th Annual General Meeting of NMB Bank has concluded.

The bank's directors and shareholders attended the general meeting, which was presided over by Pawan Kumar Golyan, the outgoing chairman of the board of directors.

The bank stated that the general meeting was held on Thursday at the National City Hall, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu.

Manoj Kumar Goyal and Jeevan Kumar Katwal were elected as representatives of the founder shareholders at the general meeting.

Similarly, Mr. Uttam Bhlon, Mr. Shirish Kumar Murarka, and Mr. Harishchandra Subedi were elected by the general shareholders. Furthermore, Ms. Sharmila Hardi Prakash was nominated on behalf of the FMO in place of Mr. Niko Pijl.

The bank has achieved a net profit of Rs 3.22 billion, collected more than Rs 213 billion in deposits, and invested more than Rs 197 billion in loans until Ashadh 2080.

NMB Bank is currently providing its services through 201 branches, 171 ATMs, and 12 extension counters.