Jun 20, 2024

STC declares15.79% dividend for FY 2022/23

STC declares15.79% dividend for FY 2022/23

KATHMANDU:Salt Trading Corporation (STC) decided to give investors 15.79 percent dividend from its fiscal year 2022/23 profits. The board of directors met on January 10 and decided to distribute the dividend from FY 2022/23 profits.

The company's board of directors has decided to give 15% bonus shares, and a cash dividend of 0.79% has been proposed. The cash dividend has been proposed to cover the tax on bonus shares. The shareholders will receive the dividend once the board of directors' decision has been approved by the company's general meeting.

During the previous fiscal year 2021/22, STC distributed a 15% dividend, including a 10% bonus share and a 5% cash dividend.