Apr 20, 2024

Global Remit cashback offer

Global Remit cashback offer

KATHMANDU:Global IME Bank Limited has introduced a new initiative that offers cashback of up to 250 rupees when sending money from abroad using Global Remit.

According to the bank, in the cashback system announced with the slogan “Paisa aaune, thapera paaune” (Money will come, get more), if you send money from abroad to your Global IME Bank account via Global Remit, you will receive up to 250 rupees payback.

Individuals sending up to 25,000 rupees will receive 100 rupees; those sending up to 50,000 rupees will receive 200 rupees; and those sending more than 50,000 rupees will receive a cashback of 250 rupees. This scheme will be valid until January 31, 2024.

Global IME Bank would add an additional 250 rupees to the money received via remittance for new account holders or those reactivating inactive accounts.

Global IME Bank, with its wide branch network and digital services, is Nepal's largest private-sector commercial bank. 

The bank offers banking services through 77 branches across the country and three overseas contact/representative offices, with over 1,100 service centers.

With a goal to building a bank for everyone, Global IME Bank has provided exceptional services to over 4.6 million people through a variety of plans, services, and amenities.

Furthermore, the bank plays an important role in the country's economy by facilitating remittances from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain, India, Jordan, Hong Kong, and others, all of which contribute significantly to the country's economic system.