Jul 15, 2024

20th Handicraft Trade Fair to start from December 14

20th Handicraft Trade Fair to start from December 14

KATHMANDU:The 20th handcraft trade fair will be conducted from the 14th to the 18th of December. Under the auspices of the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN), the 20th Handicraft Trade Fair will be hosted at the Annapurna Hotel.

On the same day, the 18th handicraft competition will be held. The major goal of the fair is to encourage entrepreneurs to manufacture exportable goods and design commodities in response to the needs of international market importers, according to Prachanda Shakya, president of FHAN.

Similarly, it is stated that the major objective of the fair is for entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge about the demands and conditions of the international market. Furthermore, the organizer stated that the major goal of this fair is for domestic and foreign buyers and sellers to exchange talents, technology, design, and expertise.

There is a program to inaugurate the fair by the President. It is said that Nepal government ministers, high-ranking officials, and ambassadors of diplomatic missions of various countries in Nepal will be present to observe the fair. There will be around 130 stalls of handicraft items at the fair.