Jul 14, 2024

Marriott Kathmandu's Radiant Celebration: Lighting Up Hearts with Tree Illumination and Support for Children

Marriott Kathmandu's Radiant Celebration: Lighting Up Hearts with Tree Illumination and Support for Children

KATHMANDU, Dec 04: In a festive celebration at the Marriott Kathmandu on Sunday, December 3, a heartwarming Christmas tree lighting event unfolded. The gathering featured a range of activities, from unveiling the 3rd day of the first public Advent calendar in Nepal to the Christmas tree lighting amidst melodies and songs by children from Baby Life Home.

The program also continued the initiative of helping the needy in the spirit of Christmas. It featured artistic bottles that directly supported children with HIV, which were sold starting at Rs. 500 each. This event, organized at Fairfield earlier, had already raised more than 20,000 rupees. The major announcement is that Mariott Kathmandu will match all the donations made.

Similarly, Ecuadorian roses, local chocolates, and candles were also on sale, with all the
money raised going towards charity. It was also announced that local artists would display their artwork every Saturday, which provided them with a platform. Amidst the celebration,the highlight was the unique gift hamper announced for the 3rd day of the advent calendar—a Kathmandu tour for children, allowing them to explore various places, including Nuwakot and Patan.

U.S. Ambassador Dean R. Thompson, accompanied by his wife Jane Krill Thompson, were the chief guests of this event. Mr. Thompson commended Marriott as an exemplary and significant investment, emphasizing the hotel's role in making a positive impact. He said this program underscored Marriott's commitment to corporate social responsibility. In the spirit of the season, Ambassador Thompson encapsulated the essence of the event, stating, "Christmas itself is about bringing light into a dark world." This sentiment resonated with the overall mission of the celebration—to spread light, and joy, and erase darkness for a brighter

Vishal Mehra, the Cluster General Manager of Marriott, echoed the sentiment of gratitude and emphasized the hotel's dedication to supporting those in need. He expressed, “This is not just about illuminating the tree; it's the illumination of hearts with warmth, compassion, and the spirit of giving.” He restated the commitment of Mariott to innovating in the spirit of  giving and spreading joy. He also showed the hotel’s commitment to sustainability by using solar-powered decorations and promised further solar-electric endeavors. He also announced exciting events for the holiday season. He also thanked the support partners who are supporting Team Marriott to provide for the children. He proudly expressed the noble mission of supporting children from the birth home.

Chef Kyohei from Kaku Kaku Shika Jika restaurant in Fairfield by Marriott also expressed his boundless joy at this event, urging the guests to make a positive impact on the children’s lives by purchasing the bottles. Noyo Rai, a teacher from the school, also expressed sincere gratitude for the collaboration with Mariott Kathmandu and Fairfield by Mariott, anticipating increased benefits for the children and fostered a positive impact on their educational experience.