Jul 15, 2024

Chhath festival concludes by offering worship to rising Sun

Chhath festival concludes by offering worship to rising Sun

JALESWOR, Nov 20: The Chhath festival has been concluded by offering worships to the rising Sun in entire Mithila region, including Mahottari this morning. 

On the fourth day of the festival this morning, the Chhath concluded with much fanfare by offering curd to the rising Sun in the rivers and ponds in Mithila region including Mahottari, Dhanusha, Siraha, Saptari, Sunsari, Morang, Sarlahi, Rautahat, Bara and Parsa. 

The festival has been celebrated with rituals on the banks of ponds, lakes and rivulets located in Jaleswor, Matihani, Suga, Gaushala, Pipara, Samsi and Bardibas of Mahottari as well as the popular rivers, Birahi, Rato Maraha, Jungaha, Ankusi and canals. 

The feature of the festival is to increase human being's interest to the truth and non-violence and encourage to remain sympathetic to all living creatures. 

The rising and setting suns are worshipped with devotion in the festival that is considered an attractive system of prayers to the Sun God. 

There have been a crowd of devotees and enthusiasts on the banks of ponds, rivers, rivulets and lakes in the festival. 

Chhath is a festival of goodwill, faith, and social harmony as people from all backgrounds come together in a common place to offer worship to the Sun God. It is widely believed that appeasing the Sun God brings happiness, prosperity, well-being, and longevity to family members. -