Jul 15, 2024

Heli Everest's third helicopter arrived in Kathmandu

Heli Everest's third helicopter arrived in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, Nov 19:The third helicopter of Heli Everest has arrived in Kathmandu. As part of its commercial expansion, the company has added helicopters.

Sitaram Sapkota, market chief, stated that he intends to raise the number of helicopters to four by next March.

He states that the company has purchased Airbus H125 B3E class helicopters.

The helicopter from France via Singapore, Kolkata and Birgunj in a container has arrived in Kathmandu on Saturday. Another helicopter is scheduled to arrive in February. "We will begin service with four helicopters in March," he stated.

Last August, the corporation secured a contract to purchase two helicopters. He stated that the helicopter, which arrived in Kathmandu on Saturday, was assigned the call sign (9N-AOA).