Jul 14, 2024

Bhaitika festival held in Pokhara concludes, 68 tourists participates

Bhaitika festival held in Pokhara concludes, 68 tourists participates

POKHARA, Nov 16:On the occasion of Bhaitika, Nepal's second major festival Tihar, 68 tourists from the country and beyond actively participated in the 16th Bhaitika festival held on Wednesday at Hotel Landmark in Lakeside in the tourist city of Pokhara.

Laxman Subedi, the Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal's president, stated that tourists from 15 nations, including Nepal, attended the festival, which was hosted by the Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal. Tika were worn by tourists from the United States, Australia, Israel, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, and other countries.

Pokhara Hotel Association Nepal has been holding such a celebration on festival with the slogan "Let's save culture and promote tourism." Rainbow Children Home Nepal girls made tika for the tourists. They duly escorted Bhai Tika to the tourists. After applying saptarangi tika (seven-colored tika) and flower garlands to the tourists' foreheads, they were given gifts such as Bhai tika masala and selroti. They also gave male tourists Nepali Dhaka topis (caps) and female tourists shawls.The girls sang Deusi Bhailo song and danced at the festival. Considering it fun, tourists also participated with them.

According to the association's president, Laxman Subedi, the festival was created with the goal of spreading hope in the tourism sector by promoting tourism via culture. He stated that the festival's goal is to promote and protect Nepali culture, as well as to foster mutual brotherhood among domestic and foreign tourists in order to introduce Nepali culture on a national and international level.

Subedi expressed his hope that the festival will aid in the revival of tourism, stating that the industry has suffered greatly owing to a variety of factors, including Covid-19.

According to Parbati Pandey, coordinator of the festival and secretary of the association, informed that the foreign guests eagerly participated in the festival and enjoyed dancing and dancing.

The festival was supported by Pokhara Metropolitan City, Nepal Tourism Board, and Gorkha Premium Bear, according to Rajendra Dhakal, General Secretary of the Association.