Apr 18, 2024

Street festival in Nagarkot from November 9th to 11th

Street festival in Nagarkot  from November 9th to 11th

KATHMANDU, Nov 08:A street festival 2023 will be held from November 9th to 11th to boost visitor activity in Nagarkot, which has been sluggish owing to the earthquake and corona epidemic. The Nagarkot Road Festival is going to be held targeting the year 2025. 

Navin Gurung, Chairman of the Nagarkot Naldum Tourism Development Committee, announced that the festival's preparations had been completed. He stated that Nagarkot will be structured as the primary center of internal and external tourism, in order to enhance the number of tourists and help local product producers.

He stated that 25 stalls for hotels and restaurants, as well as local farmers and small businessmen, have been reserved for the festival, which will be organized with the participation of local hotel and restaurant businessmen and local producers. According to him, people attending the festival will be able to taste local cuisine, and there will be a cultural program featuring performances by national and local artists.

At the festival, there will also be a kite and chess competition. Arrangements have been made to provide up to 10% off hotel stays during the event, which will be hosted at Mahamanjushree Chowk near Nagarkot Bus Park. According to President Gurung, some hotels can offer more discounts internally.

According to Gurung, the committee's chairman, Nagarkot has 82 hotels and resorts ranging from one to four stars. The municipalities of Changunarayan, Mandandeupur, Banepa, and Shankarapur will support the celebration.