Jul 15, 2024

Empowering Thamel Together: A Collaborative Endeavor

Empowering Thamel Together: A Collaborative Endeavor

KATHMANDU, Sep 28:On Sunday, September 24, 2023, an important interaction program took place between

Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), Travelline,  and the Thamel Tourism Development Council (TTDC) to form the “Special Thamel Zone Commitee” as a platform for insightful discussions and collaboration.

The Secretary General of HAN, Sajan Shakya, acknowledged the challenges posed by COVID-19 but expressed optimism about the recovery of the tourism sector. He emphasized the importance of managing Thamel effectively through the newly formed committee, which includes representatives like various hotelier representatives, and other tourism stakeholders. The committee aims to create a common platform for addressing problems and finding solutions, utilizing the expertise and resources of Han members. Past missions to Bangladesh and upcoming ones to India were also discussed as opportunities for collaboration and training for hotels.

TTDC President Bhabishwor Sharma emphasized the need for enhanced security measures in the current tourism scenario. He called for collaboration among tourism police, traffic police, and Thamel hotel stakeholders to address security issues and improve road conditions. Despite challenges, Thamel has experienced significant growth, with an increase in the number of restaurants, hotels, businesses, and visitors.

Chaturbhuj Ojha, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Metropolitan Sorakhutte  Police Circle stressed the importance of revising and designing laws and policies to ensure compliance. He welcomed collaboration with all attendees and emphasized the importance of CCTV installations as a security measure to combat criminal activities, including those of street people, pickpockets, and drug users.

Narendra Kunwar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, of tourist police, highlighted the vital role of the Nepali police in promoting tourism and maintaining security for tourists. “Traffic management and enhancing facilities and services for tourists are key priorities for the tourism police”, he explained.

Rabin Karki, Deputy Superintendent of Police of traffic police acknowledged challenges in traffic management and technology but expressed dedication to addressing them. He emphasized the need for technology support and maintaining vehicle safety, which impacts not only Thamel but the entire Kathmandu region.

The guest list included HAN Treasurer Yubaraj Shrestha, HAN Board Member Vishal Kumar, TTDC President Bhabishwor Sharma, West Thamel President Santosh Pandey, Ms. Ogla Baikina, Travelline Head of BDM India, Nepal Team,  travelline representative, various hotelier and  other  tourism stakeholders.