Jul 14, 2024

Initiatives to be taken to address tourist guide policy issues: Maharjan, Tourism Minister of Bagmati Province

Initiatives to be taken to address tourist guide policy issues: Maharjan, Tourism Minister of Bagmati Province

KATHMANDU, Sep 19:Pukar Maharjan, Bagmati Province's Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Cooperatives, has stated that he will take steps to address the policy issues confronting tourist guides.

This was said by the Minister at the National Tourist Guide Conference 2023, which was hosted by the Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (Turgan).

Minister Maharjan stated that tour guides will create a comfortable environment by abolishing the requirement that tour guides attend refresher training in order to obtain a license.

"If there is any difficulty in obtaining or renewing a tour guide's license, please come to me," Tourism Minister Maharjan said, adding, "I will create a working environment that works quickly and easily." Although the budget cannot cover refresher training, I will set up a separate fund.

The tourism office in Hattiban, Bagmati province, has been directed to relocate to the Thamel or Tripureshwor area, according to the Minister. Minister Maharjan stated that the head of the office was directed to relocate the office and to find a suitable location.

He made it clear that, because he was only speaking about tourism, he would do all he could in his region and province. The tour guide further requested that this topic be taken seriously because the tour guide's first responsibility is to have a favorable or bad impression on the tourists.

He stated that the provincial administration will effectively introduce the next year's budget due to flaws in tourism legislation topics when compiling the budget.

Bandri Nepal, president of the Tourist Guide Association of Nepal, stated that Turgan, which was founded in 2046, has been working tirelessly for tour guides' rights, promotion, and capacity building.

When renewing an exhibitor's license, the Provincial Tourism Act specifies that refresher training be completed. The license, however, is being renewed without implementation. "Where, who will conduct the training, who will give it, its structure appears to be confused," stated Turgan Nepal's President. "Despite the Tourism Act's directives, the license is being renewed." I'd want to bring this to the minister's attention. Turgan is ready to train, I want to make it obvious.