Jun 21, 2024

Omniuse: Cutting-Edge Form-Filling App Launches in Nepal

Omniuse: Cutting-Edge Form-Filling App Launches in Nepal

KATHMANDU:Omniuse, a newly launched mobile and web application designed for form filling, has arrived in Nepal, marking a significant milestone in the realm of digital form management. Developed over eight years by US-based Digital Formulation LLC, Omniuse aims to facilitate seamless interactions between digital customers and organizations worldwide. Notably, it offers a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to well-established platforms like Google Forms and Microsoft Forms.

The Omniuse mobile app, a key component of this innovative platform, is built using Flutter, a technology known for its versatility and efficiency. Meanwhile, the web app is meticulously developed on the Codeigniter framework with PHP, integrating Java APIs for robust business logic.

Omniuse is not only available for free but also offers premium features through self-deploy and web app premium packages. Some of these notable features include custom deployment options, drag-and-drop form field functionality, a document list for efficient document management, robust multi-language support, the ability to designate mandatory fields, one-click form publishing, auto-fill forms for user convenience, and top-tier security with admin-level multi-factor authentication.

Furthermore, Omniuse's web application is hosted on Nepal's local server, emphasizing its commitment to the Nepalese market. The platform aims to streamline operations for businesses, educational institutions, financial institutions, healthcare providers, corporate entities, and non-governmental organizations by automating form creation, editing, and submission processes.

Omniuse's arrival in Nepal on April 14, 2023, has already had a significant impact on digital form management. Its expansion to India on May 21, 2023, further solidifies its presence in the South Asian region, promising efficient and user-centric solutions for digital form needs.