Jul 14, 2024

Ncell celebrates its 18th anniversary

Ncell celebrates its 18th anniversary

KATHMANDU:Ncell is celebrating its 18th anniversary, marking 18 years of togetherness and a remarkable journey of serving Nepal with world-class telecommunications services with a local touch, enhancing connectivity, and enriching the lives of Nepali communities.

On this day, September 17, 2005, Ncell embarked on its humble journey, and since then, it has been providing essential communication services, revolutionising the telecommunications industry in Nepal.

Starting with reliable basic mobile services and evolving into innovative communication solutions to meet various communication needs of consumers, among other offerings, Ncell has been a beacon of progress in Nepal.

Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell, expressed his delight, saying, "We are proud to be an integral part of Nepal's over 16 million Nepalese customers." Ncell is always there for Nepal and the Nepali people, and we are now even more devoted to meeting the country's requirements. Our objective will be to deliver solutions that make it easier for the majority of Nepalis to acquire access to items that are tough to obtain. Ncell is here for you, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration."

As Ncell embarks on its new journey, it has expressed its long-term commitment to keeping its customers always connected. In line with its brand promise, ‘Today. Tomorrow. Together.’, Ncell announced the theme ‘Here for You’. Under this theme, Ncell has announced a series of activities, collaborations, and programmes aimed at driving social causes and creating a meaningful impact at the community level in Nepal.

On the occasion, Ncell has launched a new campaign, ‘Every Customer is a Winner,’ through which all Ncell customers starting September 17 receive surprise loyalty gifts for 28 days as part of the extended celebrations. In this campaign, customers who dial *17117# are eligible to get daily, weekly and bumper gifts. In daily gifts, customers get Ncell products and services without any charge. 1000 Ncell customers will get Rs. 100 balance weekly and at the end of the campaign, seven lucky customers will get 7 scooters. To be eligible to get weekly and bumper gifts, customers should have used Ncell services during the campaign period and need to send a creative slogan about Ncell or with Ncell on Ncell App or website.


Under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ncell announced its strategic partnership with the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Nepal, in which the company will support Paralympic national players who will be representing Nepal in national and international games. As per this partnership, Ncell extends its support for ensuring the overall training and development of the national players along with their required diet and nutrition around the year.

With an intent to reach and connect with local people of Nepal from all the Provinces, applications from organizations (Not for Profit) are called for implementation of the projects in their community that provide local solutions to local problems. The seed fund for such community projects is Rs. 10 lakhs for one project in one community with primary focus on Education and Health and other areas being Environmnet, Disaster Response and Livelihood support programs. The eligibility criteria and process for applying for the funding in detailed on the website https://www.ncell.axiata.com/en/about/sustainability/here-for-you. For any inquires, customers can reach out to us at via email at  [email protected] and 9805554440.

In its ongoing commitment to supporting the government in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ncell has prioritised CSR efforts. Over the last 18 years, the company has contributed over NPR 1.80 billion to various social causes, with a focus on areas such as education, environment, and health, among others. As one of the largest taxpayers, Ncell has paid NPR 283 billion in taxes and fees to the government since its inception, making a significant contribution to Nepal’s economy.

Ncell’s services have not only ensured access to telecommunications services but have also played a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the country, becoming a key enabler of the country’s information and communication technology (ICT) ecosystem. Some of the major milestones in Ncell’s journey include easy, affordable access to mobile connections, the launch of 3G and mobile broadband Ncell Connect, innovative voice and data packs, a flat call rate of Rs. 1.99 across the country, 4G, Ncell for Business (N4B), local call rates to India, the US, and Canada, easy roaming for travelers, Ncell Saapati, and free Twitter and Wiki, all of which have transformed telecommunications in Nepal.

To further enhance transparency and accessibility, CEO has announced opening of Instagram account, allowing the general public to connect with the CEO directly. Ncell also opens the CEO’s email, [email protected], to general public, encouraging people to contact the CEO directly regarding any matters that require attention or escalation. We are the first corporate house in Nepal to reach out directly to our customers and provide access to our CEO directly. Jabbor said, “Customers can reach out to me directly, and our team will ensure that we report back to our customers, contributing to building a culture of trust and transparency to enhance the customer experience.”

In alignment with the theme ‘Here for You’, several other activities and events are planned for Ncell’s 18th anniversary celebration. These include Health Camps in areas with low human development indices, blood donation drives, tree planting initiatives, friendly football matches at Lainchaur Ground, visits by celebrities to Ncell Centres to interact with customers, among other events. On Sunday, September 17, members of the Executive Management Team (EMT) visited Ncell Centres and Points of Sale in different parts of the country to interact with customers and personally thank them for their love and continued support.