Jun 21, 2024

Spark Car organizes 'Wild Stay with Chauri' to promote tourism in Sailung

Spark Car organizes 'Wild Stay with Chauri' to promote tourism in Sailung

KATHMANDU, Sep 18:Spark Cars will host a 'Wild Stay with Chauri' event to boost tourism in Sailung.

Spark cars will enjoy a wild stay with Chauri in the Sailung under 'Spark Adventure 2023' because there is no publicity in terms of tourism.

Spark Adventure began last year with Bhir Mauri hunting in Bhujung, Lamjung.

The program's coordinator, Amardeep Bhattarai, informed us that the second edition of Spark Adventure will focus on Sailung on the border of Dolakha and Ramechhap, as well as the Chounri Goth there.

From the 28th to the 30th of September, artists and officials from administrative and security agencies will take part in Spark Adventure, according to Coordinator Bhattarai.

The journey from Kathmandu to Sailung will begin on September 28th. On September 29th, organizers plan to 'visit' Chauri Goth and Sailung. Raithane food will be served in the evening, along with a local cultural program.

Participants will be able to join in the program if they wish to explore internal tourism, spend the night in the forest with Chauri, and learn about local culture, wonderful food, and new picturesque rural sites.

Bhattarai claims that attending will provide a great view of the Himalayan scenery, Lekali flowers, and high mountain terrain. The program requires a Rs 30,000 registration fee to participate.

Spark Adventure, according to coordinator Bhattarai, will continue to investigate local sites that have been disregarded for years or are not the first choice due to foreign travel in the future.

Spark Cars, which is also working in the field of adventure tourism, has been managing the transport for tourists.  From providing self-drive cars, to providing drivers only, Spark has been providing vehicles with drivers across the country.

Those interested in participating in the program can register using the URL https://docs.google.com/formsOjWw/viewform  provided below.