Jun 16, 2024

Akama Hotel income increased by 75%

Akama Hotel income increased by 75%

KATHMANDU, Sep 15:Sanima Group's Akama Hotel Limited has experienced rapid growth. The hotel's revenue climbed by 75% to 176 million rupees in 2023.

The hotel earned Rs 10 crore in 2022. According to the public financial statement, the hotel's operating income climbed by 7 crore 60 lakh rupees in one year.

Meetings, conventions, and room sales create revenue for the hotel, according to the hotel. According to this, meeting and conference sales account for 61% of total revenue.

Similarly, the sale of rooms accounts for 36% of total revenue. According to Akama, the increase in travelers has resulted in a 30% rise in hotel occupancy. Following the increase in income, the hotel's margin has also increased to 39.53 percent. It was 10.33 percent in 2022.

The hotel's revenue in the first year, 2021, was Rs 2 crore. Since 2019, the hotel has been open. The hotel's paid-up capital has increased to Rs 93 crore. Akama's paid-up capital was previously Rs 50 crore.

There are 180 rooms in the hotel. Akama has rated debt totaling 1.34 billion rupees.

The Sanima Group has a substantial presence in hydropower, banking, insurance, and the hospitality industry. Akama's President is Binay Kumar Shrestha. In addition, he is the Chairman of Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited. Bharat Kumar Joshi is the General Manager of Akama.

The hotel is five kilometers from Tribhuvan International Airport in Dhumbarahi. Nagarkot is 28 kilometers away from the hotel.
Akama was established on May 6, 2014.

Converted into Public Limited on July 3, 2022. The hotel is spread over 1.13 acres of land. The hotel operates under the Akama brand.