May 21, 2024

Second Ichchakamana Festival-2023 begun

Second Ichchakamana Festival-2023  begun

CHITWAN, Sep 15:The Ichchakamana Festival in Chitwan has begun. On Wednesday, the second Ichchakamana festival-2080 began in Kurintar.

While inaugurating the event, Krishna Prasad Silwal, a member of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly, expressed his belief that the festival will play a vital role in the economic and social sectors of Ichchakamana Rural Municipality. He said that Ichchakamana has the potential to be a religious and tourist attraction.

Chunnarayan Shrestha, Chairman of the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that agriculture, tourism, health, and education will only be achievable with the development of these four sectors. He stated that while they are working on how to make these four places prosperous, these types of events would play a vital role in the campaign.

The event, according to Kalyan Gubhaju, head of Ichchakamana Chamber of Commerce and Industry and festival planner, was created to make Ichchakamana economically sustainable due to the economic slowdown. He also stated that the festival was created to promote the religious tourist sites in the area.

The festival, which continues until September 24th, is expected to help promote local products and tourists. Two hundred stalls have been set up in the festival for this purpose. Among them, 15 free stalls of local production have been offered. According to the organizers, around 100,000 people will attend the festival.

According to the organizers, you can see Ichchakamana Temple, Bulgari Pathibhara Singhdevi Temple, Manakamana Temple, Siraichuli, the highest place in the region, Upardangadhi's historic headquarters, Long Falls, and Trishuli river rafting. There is also a 15% discount on Manakamana cable car tickets for anyone attending the festival.

The festival was organized by Ichchakamana rural municipality, Muglin Association of Industry and Commerce, and Ichchakamana FM Kurintar, a community radio station. Chitwan Municipality  and Ichchakamana Rural Municipality is the festival's promoter and patron.