Oct 03, 2023

HAN plans to promote Nepal as 'MICE' tourism destination

HAN plans to promote Nepal as 'MICE' tourism destination

KATHMANDU, Sep 14:A plan of action will be made to promote tourism activities (MICE Tourism) in Nepal through activities such as Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition Tourism, as well as Destination Wedding. The Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) has stated that it will develop a strategy to address the growing demand for Mice tourism.

According to the HAN's yearly action plan, the businessman believes that this initiative will assist Nepal promote itself as a suitable destination for MICE tourism on both the national and international levels.

HAN stated that developing'MICE' tourism is essential for increasing tourism in Nepal, which is abundantly supported by nature, and plans to promote it within the business community. Han has also scheduled a program on September 17th for the same objective. According to Han, the approach would be developed through stakeholder consultation.

International-level Meeting, Incentive, Conference & Exhibition (MICE) Tourism & Destination Wedding, as well as the trend of sending people on foreign trips for company promotion, are prevalent throughout the world. This trend has accelerated in Nepal's neighbors, India and China. According to HAN, hundreds of married couples and their family members travel to Nepal each year from countries such as India. The HAN has launched an initiative to increase the popularity and reach of this sort of tourism.

According to the HAN, there is a big potential for attracting corporate organizations by creating various packages of such fair, meetings/conferences, destination weddings, and incentive tours of Nepal's mountainous and lowland locations, natural trekking areas, and religious and heritage sites. According to the HAN, government policy norms, increased infrastructure, people, and successful promotion initiatives are all required.