Jul 14, 2024

Salt Trading needs to contribute to agriculture sector-Industry Minister Rijal

Salt Trading needs to contribute to agriculture sector-Industry Minister Rijal

KATHMANDU: The Salt Trading Corporation Company which was established to ensure a smooth supply of iodized common salt in the country has completed 60 years of operation. 

At a programme organized to mark the 61st anniversary of Salt Trading, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Ramesh Rijal said the Corporation should also contribute to the marketization of Nepali products and the agriculture sector. 

The Salt Trading has played a significant role in protecting consumers' rights by importing consumptive goods on condition of inadequate domestic production, he said, adding the Corporation has demonstrated a strong example of public-private partnership approach. 

"The importance of the agriculture sector would further rise when there was a direct contribution to additional areas of agriculture. The Corporation needs to further expand its service in the future", Minister Rijal added. 

Minster Rijal recalled the crucial role the institution has played in providing consumptive goods to the doorsteps of consumers in critical times during the earthquake and COVID-19. 

Also speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, Urmila Shrestha stressed the need of diversifying services for further improving financial status of the Corporation. 

"The government-subsidized chemical fertilizers being supplied through the Salt Trading has directly helped boost agro production. The public enterprise can also expand its scope in other areas of production. We would prepare business plan to diversify the service areas". 

In addition to the arrangement of iodized salt supplies, the Corporation has also been engaged in the supply and distribution of essential daily consumptive goods such as salt and sugar, operation of gas industry and production, supplies and export of chemicals. The Company has sold consumptive goods worth amounting to Rs 8 billion 770 million in the fiscal year 2079/80 BS.