Jul 14, 2024

NPC suggested to bring 16th plan to increase production, employment

NPC suggested to bring 16th plan to increase production, employment

KATHMANDU:The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has offered recommendations to the National Planning Commission (NPC) to formulate the 16th plan with top priority on increased domestic production, import substitution and employment generation.     

The CNI has submitted a study report to the NPC by incorporating the key priorities for the 16th plan.     

CNI President Rajesh Kumar Agrawal handed over the study report the NPC Vice Chairman Dr Min Bahadur Shrestha and stated that the 16th plan should focus on industrial development of the country.     

Likewise, the other suggestions include drafting of industrial development strategy, policy-level stability and predictability, priority for the domestic productions and promotion of 'Make in Nepal Domestic Initiative'.     

Similarly, the CNI has suggested that illegal trading along the border areas should be curbed and dual taxation system should be ended to promote Nepal's exports and skills development should be kept in high priority.     

In response to the CNI suggestions, NPC Vice Chairman Dr Shrestha shared that the 16th plan would focus on production, productivity and employment creation adding that import substitution was possible only after increased production.     

Dr Shrestha also said that the study report of the CNI would be vital in making the 16th plan adding that meaningful participation of the private sector is expected in the preparation of the government policy and plans.